Bob Pickens, Olympic Wrestler

Bob Pickens has a lot to say and if you listen closely his words, though softly spoken, are very intense and powerful.

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Andy Reistetter with 1964 Olympic Wrestler Bob Pickens

Andy Reistetter with 1964 Olympic Wrestler Bob Pickens

A bit elusive on how he lost he focus early on in life, Bob is extremely clear calling it a “personal redemption” to become an Olympian. He credits his high school wrestling coach’s challenge of “if you are so bad, why don’t you come and try out for the wrestling team” along with his unfailing support as being instrumental in his life.

A man with a deep personal faith and a “no drugs, no whiskey” attitude knows that “if (a challenge) doesn’t destroy you, it builds strength that you did not know you had.” The Olympics for him was an experience, not a dream- something he worked hard for and achieved.

The Olympic Spirit, in Bob’s words, is “absolute competition,” and it “swallows you!”

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From an amazing journey to Tokyo to compete as a Greco-Roman wrestler in the 1964 playing as an offensive tackle for his beloved Chicago Bears..From pursuing a successful business career spanning over 30 years as an executive and entrepreneur for Sears, Rainbow Classics and Merrill Associates.serving as a civic leader and to tirelessly reaching back to mentor a new generation of eager all started as a “Little fat boy behind the piano.”

Inspires, Mentors, Empowers…

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