Top Tee Cayala in Guatemala City: Tomorrow’s New Way to Golfing FUN!

Having visited Top Tee Cayala , I am very impressed with the facility and dynamic organization! It will take me a while to digest but my top 3 initial thoughts are:
1. Golf & Fun. The lounge areas will transform the past perspective of going to the driving range as a solitary journey into a family & friends “do it together” and have fun activity!
2.  Driving Range transforms into a golf course with lots of flexibility for skill, length of holes and shot values. When I looked out I could see cross bunkers a la the Old Course (3 & 7 greens?), Redan holes and one bunkerless green. In my opinion, more impressive than the new practice facility at Augusta National from a functionality and playability perspective (it is a golf course too).
3. Growing the Game in Guatemala as evidenced by the young people engaged with the facility, staff and golf!
Very Impressive!


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