2013 Week 2: SONY Open at Waialae CC

Merri Daniel and Andy Reistetter are partnering in 2013 to document their experiences on tour. Through their website “Outside the Ropes Entertainment,” they will cover a variety of story lines including growing the game of golf, travel golf, the people they meet, and the adventures they have along the way. Here is their chronicle at the SONY Open at Waialae CC in Honolulu. Enjoy the game; it’s the game for life! 

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?  Do you remember the 1963 epic comedy about a treasure buried “under a big W?” Well that “big W” is right behind the 16th green at Waialae CC. Kind of like Seinfeld; people either completely get this reference or don’t get it at all. A madcap pursuit of what at Waialae? And by whom? The first place prize of $1,008,000 by 23 of the 30 rookies on tour this year, six of whom have never played in a PGA TOUR event? Or perhaps the treasure to be revealed is Merri & Andy’s new “Outside the Ropes Entertainment” venture. Stay tuned, we have the shovel… it is a FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN adventure!


There are moments of clarity in one’s life. Some profound, some interesting and others just a lot of fun. Or maybe they are known a “WOW” moment for you. So there I was in the men’s room washing my hands. The Golf Channel was playing on a television in the background and I was listening to Rich Lerner’s commentary. He said something like Waialae CC dates back to 1929 and that they still have Vitalis hair tonic in the men’s locker room. I looked over and there it was- Vitalis hair tonic. The Hawaiian Open dates back to 1929 when “Wild Bill” Mehlhorn won one of his 20 PGA TOUR wins.   

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